Natural Hot Springs Sushi no Same Monkeyu no Yu


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(Tennen Onsen Sashikino Engine Noj)

Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture Sasaki Shinri 1688.

Characteristic greeting is

“Hokkaido” will revive from ancient strata of 5 million years ago! It is a natural hot spring of beautiful skin and wellness, big view, golden color

Rate form

Bathing fee
Adult 1,500 yen (by bath tax 150 yen separately)
Elementary school 750 yen
Toddler (under 6 years old) Free
* Up to 2 infants per adult. Elementary school fee will be charged from the 3rd person

Free lending Bath towel set, relaxing wear
※ Infants are not eligible for lending.

We are also preparing many plans such as coupon tickets and good accommodation use

Introduction of hot spring bath

Bathing with sourced sauce, Ocean old bath and beautiful skin bath, hammered water, medicated water, dry sauna, mist sauna (※ feminine only)

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